And so, the curtain rises once again for what is the most thrilling spectacle in the world of cricket for the seventh time. To say that the T20 world cup 2020 has been long anticipated is nothing short of an appalling understatement. It’s been four whole years since the usually biennial competition held last, but finally, the patience we employed pays us our due dividends in a month-long ceremony that will head off on the 15th of November, 2020.

New Rules

The ICC chose to modify the format for the T20 world cup 2020, pithing the 9th and 10th teams on the T20 ranking against six teams that powered through the qualifying stage. The eight teams will be divided into two groups, and the winner and runner up from the two groups will progress into the Super 12 stage, which is similarly split into two groups.

The Super 12 for 2020

The T20 world cup 2020 schedule was released on the back of the victory of the Netherlands over Papua New Guinea in the final stage of the qualifying championships. The Dutch team are joined by Papua New Guinea, Ireland, Namibia, Oman, and Scotland in the group stages of the ICC T20 world cup in 2020, which gives them a shot at joining the already ranked teams that have directly qualified for the Super 12: Australia, England, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the West Indies.

Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, which are next on the list, must navigate through six games to qualify for participation in the Super 12. Alongside Namibia, Scotland and the Dutch, as well as Oman, Papua New Guinea and Ireland respectively. The winner in Sri Lanka’s group and second-highest tally in Bangladesh’s group will join Australia, Pakistan, the West Indies, and New Zealand. While the winner of Bangladesh’s group and the runner-up in Sri Lanka’s group will join Afghanistan, India, England and South Africa in the other group of the Super 12.

Who will host the next T20 World Cup?

The entirety of the T20 world cup 2020 schedule will be played out in the cricket capital of the world, Australia, with the final game set to be played at the Cricket Ground in Melbourne. Before then, games will be played at the Gabba of Brisbane, the Perth Stadium of Perth, the Kardinia Park of Geelong and the Bellerive Oval of Hobart, while the semi-finals will be played at the Adelaide Oval of Adelaide and the Sydney Cricket ground of Sydney.

When did T20 World Cup start?

The T20 world cup of 2020 will be the seventh installment of the competition that began just as recently as 2007. In that year, South Africa was the battleground for the final clash between Pakistan and India that ended in Pakistan’s defeat.

Since Scotland and Kenya had to pass through the backdoor of the ICCWC League Division One to get into the competition in 2007, preparations were made for the next year to make the qualification more organized, by setting-up a 20-over set of fixtures that would get the winners to qualify for the next competition, and a quarter-million dollars as the prize.

By the next tournament that held in 2009, the new format was a success that culminated in the defeat of Sri Lanka by Pakistan on English ground. The next competitions help in 2010, 2012, 2014 and last in 2016.

Which team has won most T20 World Cups?

Since the inception of the T20 world cup 2020, five different countries have celebrated the victory as champions including England, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and the West Indies. Of these countries that have tasted victory at the T20 world cup 2020, only the West Indies have repeated the feat. Doing so at the last edition of the T20 world cup, and thus earning a place as the country with the most T20 world cups by 2020.

Which country has come the closest without winning the world cup?

After crashing out in the semifinal twice, in both 2007 and 2012, and with their best result in the T20 world cup 2020 being a Runner-up finish in 2010, Australia has curiously never laid a hand on the T20 world cup by 2020. 

Of course, playing on their home turf, the Australian team will be looking to rectify that huge omission, and they have a reputation to maintain as the “World Capital of cricket.” Of course, only time will tell if they get their wish.

What games are to be watched out for?

The T20 world cup 2020 schedule will bring numerous mouthwatering clashes of heavyweights across the continent of Australia. Some of them are:

The Opening match:

Any game that kick starts a competition is usually a must-watch, regardless of the quality of the teams involved. Fortunately, we don’t have to console ourselves with mediocrity as the Sri Lankans will look to hit the ground running on their quest for a second T20 world cup 2020 title, as they face tough resistance in the form of a very defiant Irish team at Simonds Stadium, Geelong.

Super 12 kick-offs:

India will step out in their famous blue strips to take on South Africa on the maiden day of the Super 12 fixtures at the T20 world cup in 2020 at the Perth Stadium in Perth. India is locked in a group filled with other problems like England and the Dark Horse of renown, Afghanistan.

Earlier that day, Australia will face Pakistan in the first game between the Super 12 on the 24th of October. This will be just before they face the subject of their envy in West Indies, who have claimed the T20 world cup 2020 a record two times.

England vs South Africa

The last time this face-off happened was on February 16, 2020, when England triumphed with 5 balls left, a close margin that will bring a gingery taste to the upcoming match between these two giants when the South Africans have a look back. 

To be honest, of the 45 games that will happen per the T20 world cup 2020 schedule, picking the games with the highest propensity for entertainment is often a thankless task. Instead, why not soak in all the action come October? After all, there’s no fun in replays.