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Lacto-vegetarian Diet Benefits and Eating Plan

A person who, for health, religious or other personal reasons, chooses not to eat meats including chicken, pork, beef or seafood is known as a vegetarian. While others do not, some vegetarians choose to consume other animal products including dairy, gelatin, honey, and eggs. Ovo-vegetarians may consume eggs, while lacto-ovo vegetarians consume both dairy and […]


8 Healthy Eating Habits That Help You Lose Weight

Pizza is good stuff, an ice-cream sandwich is even better, but they both have one thing in common – they have no place in your diet. To lose weight, you’re usually advised to sacrifice those treats that bring you so much joy and take to eating grass instead.  At first, it’s easy to keep up […]

What is the Dash Diet & Beginner’s Eating Plan?

What is the Dash Diet & Beginner’s Eating Plan?

It’s the 21st century, so we explicitly know the many dangers of high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a major prerequisite to heart diseases, as well as attacks like stroke and kidney failure. Yet, with all this knowledge, the population of people suffering from high blood pressure and the risks that the condition comes […]

Exercises to Lower High Blood Pressure – Drug-free Approach

Exercises to Lower High Blood Pressure – Drug-free Approach

High blood pressure (HBP) or hypertension is something nobody wants to think about, let alone want to happen to them. Many people avoid the conversation entirely, hoping that by so doing they’ll avoid this medical condition. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Simply wishing it away or not thinking about it won’t keep it away, […]


Different Types of Mental Illness Explained

Different cultures appreciate mental illness in diverse manners. Some even see it as a consequence of past actions or a culmination of bad luck. In some ways, these ideas are correct, but mental illness is so much more than just an intangible curse, it is a medical condition. In fact, mental illnesses can be described […]

Physical Activities of Healthy People for 2020

Physical Activities of Healthy People

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (PAG) was the first published set of national standards for physical activity. This offered a firm basis for the Healthy People, a plan which purports the numerous health benefits of a regular physical activity routine for young and old Americans. The plan consists of 15 major objectives which are […]

Mediterranean: a Heart-healthy Diet – Meal Plan for Beginners

Mediterranean: a Heart-healthy Diet – Meal Plan for Beginners

If you’ve been thinking about preventing lifestyle-related diseases and complications like type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart attack, then this is for you. The Mediterranean diet was widely adopted in the ‘80s by Americans in the United States as a solution to cardiovascular diseases and other lifestyle-related diseases that often result in premature death, after observing the […]

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Crossfit

#CrossFit has dominated the fitness world on all levels of social media, and in fact, the society itself since it was co-developed by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai some 20 years ago, the burning spirit of competition that drives the CrossFit members to approach fitness without using gadgets or deliberate equipment has been contagious, to […]


Causes of High Blood Pressure and Its Risk Factors

Ever seen a pipe burst from having too much water rush through it? That’s exactly what happens when high blood pressure does its worst. Unlike PVC pipes, our blood vessels cannot handle too much blood pressure as it channels blood between the heart and the rest of the body. Thus, the system in place to […]